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Simpler standard for baby dummies and dummy chains

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BABIES’ dummies and dummy chains will be subject to a single product safety standard following a review by the consumer watchdog, Small Business Minister Michael McCormack says.

“Dummies and dummy chains are an essential part of the baby bag for any new parent or those with toddlers. Parents deserve the certainty to know the products are safe for their child’s use,” Mr McCormack said.

Baby dummies with unsafe decorations - ACCC

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The ban applies to baby dummies with crystals, beads or other similar ornaments that fail to meet minimum safety requirements detailed in the permanent ban notice.

The new mandatory standard Consumer Goods (Babies’ Dummies and Dummy Chains) Safety Standard 2017(link is external) commenced on 11 May 2017.

​ACCC Teething Jewellery Classification​

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Thing Necklace Safety – Avoid strangulation or choking

Teething necklaces are products designed as jewellery with an additional function of being a teether for young children to chew on during the teething process. It is well known that teething can be a painful process and pressure on the baby’s teeth from chewing may relieve the pain.

Teething necklaces generally consist of silicone or other chewable material beads advertised as jewellery to be worn by mum and suitable for babies to chew on. Teething necklaces can generally be found on-line or at weekend markets.

ACCC Recall on Wooden Teething Ring Rattle

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Noc Noc — Organic Miniature Teething Rattle, Organic Teething Rattle, Organic Ring Stacker

Date published
18 Aug 2016
Product description

Miniature Organic Wooden Teething Rattle - Honeycomb beads on the end of dowel with 2 rings to create the rattle aspect of the toy.
Organic Wooden Rattle - Round wooden beads at the end of a piece of dowel with 2 wooden rings to create the rattle aspect of the toy.
Organic Ring Stacker - Made of 3 rings with round bead and honeycomb bead on organic cotton to hold rings together in the form of a rattle/stacker.

What is Hinoki Wood?

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We have recently added a new range of wooden beads to our website that are made out of Hinoki Wood - Hard and Rot Resititant are just some of it's features.

A common companion of the Japanese cedar, Cryptomeria japonica, is the famous Japanese hinoki, Chamaecyparis obtusa. Hinoki is a smaller tree, however in ancient times massive ones existed – alas those forests of old are long gone. Nevertheless, this tree has a special place in Japanese culture, revered mostly for its wood, but also for the fragrant essential oils found throughout its tissues.

ACCC Recall on Wooden Teething Rings

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Incy Wincy Designs—Natural Wooden Teethers

Date published
27 Jun 2016
Product description

Handmade teething toy for babies made from wooden beads with a wooden animal shape pendant.

Make Rose Petal Beads - Recipe

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Just had to share this recipe of Rose Petal Beads

Click here for the recipe

Watch Part Fairy - just perfect!

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Butterfly Fairy

Isn't this so clever, all made out of watch parts by Sue Beatrice,
don't forget we sell watch parts - do you have the patience for this.
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Pre Order Flexrite Beading wire -Beadsmith

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Flex-Rite  Beadsmith

is a professional quality beading wire at an affordable price! Flex-Rite® Beading Wire offers a variety of choices for creating professional-looking bead jewelry. Flex-Rite® uses state of the art micro-wire technology to produce a wire that is strong, soft, and flexible. Select from our versatile range of colors, materials, diameters, and strand counts to suit all of your jewelry-making need

Available for Pre Ordering Beadsmith Flexrite Stringing

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thanking you

Flexrite Beadsmith Beading Wire

Pre Order Rizo Beads - 10 pages of Beads

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Available for Pre Ordering the beautiful - Rizo Beads, Made in Czech Republic

shop here >> and then go to page 212 to 222 that is ten pages of beads.

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