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Hemp Cord for Beading by The Beadsmith - New Colours Added

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heaps of colours and weights to pick from - by the Beadsmith, we can also pre order any of the below colours

10lb lengths 4 x12.8m/42ft

If any of the below items are not listed on the right hand side we can pre order it in for you

100% Crafter’s Hemp Cord

Now available in a rainbow of colors!

Natural Hemp Cord is the preferred choice for use in crafts, including jewelry making,

scrapbooking, handmade cards, gardening and more! Hemp Cord is a natural, biodegradable,

& eco-friendly alternative to cotton & synthetic cordage. Formerly available only in neutral

tones, we now have an array of colors to choose from in 10 & 20 lb. test. There are seven

colors available on 50 gram spools and a variety of hues on 4-strand assortment cards. Plus,

we now offer Natural hemp in two heavier test weights (36 & 48lb.) on 100 gram spools

and a on a card with one strand each of 10, 20, 36, & 48lb. Handcrafted in China.


Hemp Twine
Product No.
../../webimages/webimages_sm/HEMP3100_sm.jpg HEMP3100 HEMP 3-SPL BOX DYED CLRS 10 LB.TEST .55mm BK,NA,BR
../../webimages/webimages_sm/HEMP3200_sm.jpg HEMP3200 HEMP 3-SPL BOX DYED CLRS 20 LB TEST 1.0mm BK,NA,BR
../../webimages/webimages_sm/HEMP4100_sm.jpg HEMP4100 HEMP 4 COLOR CARD .55mm NEUTRAL COLORS 10 LB TEST
../../webimages/webimages_sm/HEMP4110_sm.jpg HEMP4110 HEMP 4 COLOR CARD .55MM PRIMARY COLORS 10LB TEST
../../webimages/webimages_sm/HEMP4120_sm.jpg HEMP4120 HEMP 4 COLOR CARD .55MM DARK COLORS- 10LB TEST
../../webimages/webimages_sm/HEMP4130_sm.jpg HEMP4130 HEMP 4 COLOR CARD .55MM PASTEL COLORS 10LB TEST
../../webimages/webimages_sm/HEMP4140_sm.jpg HEMP4140 HEMP 4 COLOR CARD .55MM BRIGHT COLORS 10LB TEST
../../webimages/webimages_sm/HEMP4145_sm.jpg HEMP4145 HEMP 4 COLOR CARD .55MM VINTAGE COLORS 10LB TEST
../../webimages/webimages_sm/HEMP4150_sm.jpg HEMP4150 HEMP 4 COLOR CARD .55MM SPRING COLORS 10LB TEST
../../webimages/webimages_sm/HEMP4155_sm.jpg HEMP4155 HEMP 4 COLOR CARD .55MM TOPAZ SHADES 10LB TEST
../../webimages/webimages_sm/HEMP4160_sm.jpg HEMP4160 HEMP 4 COLOR CARD .55MM RUBY SHADES 10LB TEST
../../webimages/webimages_sm/HEMP4165_sm.jpg HEMP4165 HEMP 4 COLOR CARD .55MM AQUA SHADES 10LB TEST
../../webimages/webimages_sm/HEMP4170_sm.jpg HEMP4170 HEMP 4 COLOR CARD .55MM EMERALD SHADES 10LB TEST
../../webimages/webimages_sm/HEMP4175_sm.jpg HEMP4175


please note: - the dye lot is different to the picture shown - it is currently three shades brown and a natural.

../../webimages/webimages_sm/HEMP4180_sm.jpg HEMP4180 HEMP 4 COLOR CARD .55MM ONYX SHADES 10LB TEST
../../webimages/webimages_sm/HEMP4200_sm.jpg HEMP4200 HEMP 4 COLOR CARD 1.0mm NEUTRAL COLORS 20 LB TEST
../../webimages/webimages_sm/HEMP4210_sm.jpg HEMP4210 HEMP 4 COLOR CARD 1.0MM PRIMARY COLORS 20LB TEST
../../webimages/webimages_sm/HEMP4220_sm.jpg HEMP4220 HEMP 4 COLOR CARD 1.0MM DARK COLORS-20LB TEST
../../webimages/webimages_sm/HEMP4230_sm.jpg HEMP4230 HEMP 4 COLOR CARD 1.0MM PASTEL COLORS 20LB TEST
../../webimages/webimages_sm/HEMP4240_sm.jpg HEMP4240 HEMP 4 COLOR CARD 1.0MM BRIGHT COLORS 20LB TEST
../../webimages/webimages_sm/HEMP4245_sm.jpg HEMP4245 HEMP 4 COLOR CARD 1.0MM VINTAGE COLORS 20LB TEST
../../webimages/webimages_sm/HEMP4250_sm.jpg HEMP4250 HEMP 4 COLOR CARD 1.0MM SPRING COLORS 20LB TEST
../../webimages/webimages_sm/HEMP4255_sm.jpg HEMP4255 HEMP 4 COLOR CARD 1.0MM TOPAZ SHADES 20LB TEST
../../webimages/webimages_sm/HEMP4260_sm.jpg HEMP4260 HEMP 4 COLOR CARD 1.0MM RUBY SHADES 20LB TEST
../../webimages/webimages_sm/HEMP4265_sm.jpg HEMP4265 HEMP 4 COLOR CARD 1.0MM AQUA SHADES 20LB TEST
../../webimages/webimages_sm/HEMP4270_sm.jpg HEMP4270 HEMP 4 COLOR CARD 1.0MM EMERALD SHADES 20LB TEST
../../webimages/webimages_sm/HEMP4275_sm.jpg HEMP4275 HEMP 4 COLOR CARD 1.0MM BRONZE SHADES 20LB TEST
../../webimages/webimages_sm/HEMP4280_sm.jpg HEMP4280 HEMP 4 COLOR CARD 1.0MM ONYX SHADES 20LB TEST
../../webimages/webimages_sm/HEMP4300_sm.jpg HEMP4300 HEMP 4 SIZE ASSORTMENT NATURAL 10,20,36,48 LB TEST