Memory Wire

This is a relatively hard steel wire that has been coiled into rings of a particular size - the size of rings bracelets or necklaces/chokers. It is very easy material to use and offers a lot of variety when you get creative with it.

Approx: 40mm Dia.   Thickness: 0.6mm, Steel Wire,   Child Size
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Approx: 55mm Dia.   Thickness: 0.6mm, Steel Wire, Adult size
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Approx: 80mm Dia.   Thickness: 0.6mm, Steel Wire, Adult size
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Beading Wire Bracelets Components Antique Silver Plated 0.6mm, 6cm(2 3/8") Dia. - 5.8cm(2 2/8") Dia., 200 Loops suitable for an adult current...