Amazing Clear Casting Resin Kit, 16 oz - DAMAGED BOX

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In our last delivery of  Amazing Clear Casting Resin  we had some damaged boxes - one of the resin bottles leaked slightly and so some packaging was damaged on the boxes - nothing is wrong with the product all good to use - jsut the packaging is a little sticky - so if you want a bargain than grab them


Amazing Clear Cast can be used as a casting resin or as a clear coat. It's low viscosity and 1:1 ratio by volume makes it easy to use. Bubble free castings can be achieved by slowly mixing and pouring the resin. Approved  FDA CFR 177.2600  Food Safe. FDA approved - limited food contact,  ALUMILITE CORP

part A - 8 oz and part B - 8 oz

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Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS):
Amazing Clear Cast A&B.pdf

How do I avoid air bubbles in my part?
Cast the Amazing Casting Resin into a warm mold coated with baby powder. This will help the material flow better and cure more evenly. If you are using an Amazing Mold Putty mold, stick the mold in an oven set at "Warm" for approximately 30 minutes or put your mold in a microwave on high for 1 minute per lb of rubber. Once your mold is warm to the touch, sprinkle baby powder or talc powder in the mold. Shake the powder around the mold so all areas are covered. Once covered, knock or blow out all of the excess powder. This will leave a light coat of powder on the outside of the mold that will release the surface tension and allow the material to flow much better reducing the chance of trapping air bubbles. You can also use any kind of paint or commercial brand of urethane release to aid in the problem if baby powder isn't available. For complex molds that have severe undercuts, you may need to vent those troubled areas with holes that can be created with either some copper tubing or an Excel or Exacto knife.

Amazing Casting Resin

What is the best way to pour my part to eliminate air bubbles that are formed when pouring?
If you are casting a part in an open or one piece mold, pour slowly from one corner of the mold and let the material flow naturally to fill the mold. If it is possible run the material down one side of the mold. If the mold has an undercut or complex corner you may pour the material to that point and then rotate your mold to evenly coat that area before topping off the mold. If you are pouring a closed or two piece mold, fill it completely until the material comes out of the vent hole and then tap the mold on the table to release any bubbles that may need a little assistance to get through the vent hole. You may also wish to rotate the mold and possibly squeeze the sides of the mold to assist hesitant bubbles in reaching the vent.

Can you vary the mix ratio of the Amazing Casting Resin?
No. Varying the ratios will not affect the working time but it will affect the cure time and physical properties. Meaning, the Amazing Casting Resin will still start to set up in it's normal time but could take hours to completely cure. When it finally does cure, it will not have the same properties of the properly mixed resin and may be considerably weaker

Can I get more work time out of the Amazing Casting Resin?
Yes! To get an additional 30 - 60 seconds, cool or chill both sides of the Amazing Casting Resin in the refrigerator for an hour before mixing. When you cool the resin it is important to remember to pour into a warm mold for proper curing, especially when you are pouring small or thin parts to enable the resin to cure properly.

Why is my cast piece soft?
Typically, the reason your Amazing Casting Resin piece is soft is that the part you poured is small or thin and the resin was poured into a mold that was room temperature or even worse ... cold. The Amazing Casting Resin is exothermic, which means it generates heat as it cures. The resin needs this heat to cure properly. If the part is small and or thin and poured into a cold mold, it does not have the ability to generate the heat required to cure fully. So the material will gel and start to cure but not finish because it is lacking the heat necessary to finish curing properly. With your piece in the Amazing Mold Putty mold, simply place it in an oven at 150F or less for an hour or place it under a heat lamp for a couple hours to supply the cast piece some heat in order for it to cure.

Is the Amazing Casting Resin cured piece UV stable?
No. The Amazing Casting Resin is opaque White and will yellow slightly over time if it is exposed to UV light. Clear acrylics or lacquers work well for protecting the resins from changing color. There are two ways of applying paint to achieve the best adhesion. First paint the mold and allow it to completely dry before casting your resin. As the resin flows into the painted mold, it will chemically bond to the paint as the resin is curing and after the resin cures you will demold a perfectly painted part. Painting the mold prior to casting allows you to reproduce perfect detail by painting becoming the outside layer of the actual part rather than cover the exact cast replica with paint that could then cover up fine detail. The other option for painting your part is to paint the part as soon as you remove the cast part from the mold and after you remove any flash while the resin is still curing. Although the resin is demoldable, the casting resin is still curing and if painted during the first 5 or 10 minutes of casting the part, the resin will still crosslink with the paint to give you not only a mechanical bond but also a chemical bond between the paint and the cast piece. Paints have built in UV stabilizers which then block out the UV light from ever reaching the casting resin which could affect the colo

Can I paint the Amazing Casting Resin piece?
Yes! We recommend lacquers or acrylics but you may also use synthetics or enamels. A lacquer primer may be needed to assure the long tem effectiveness of the paint. You may wish to paint your silicone mold before casting. Paint the mold with a fast drying acrylic or clear coat. Once it is completely dry, cast your piece. When you demold the part you will pull out a painted piece. The Amazing Casting Resin will chemically bond to the dried paint. The other option is to paint the part as soon as it comes out of the mold while the resin is still curing to allow the curing resin to crosslink with the paint.

Why is my Amazing Casting Resin foaming?

Moisture contamination in urethanes causes foaming. If it foams quite a bit, most likely the moisture is right in the Amazing Casting Resin. The moisture is usually in the A-side. There is not a full proof method of removing moisture from your system. Typically the B side will crystallize when moisture is present. The A side, however, will not look any different.

Moisture is absorbed through the air and therefore is very important to put the caps back on the bottles as soon as you are done measuring out the amount you need for your next pour. Do not leave the caps off for any extended period of time.

Can I put any filler into my Amazing Casting Resin?
Yes. You may use any DRY filler and add it to your A & B prior to mixing the two equal parts together to achieve different looks, weight, or density to your cast piece. If there is any moisture in your filler, it will make the resin foam. Therefore, make sure your filler is dry. Examples of types of fillers would be: playground sand ... gives you a fine granite or sandstone look, porcelain ... for cold cast porcelain, aluminum ... adds weight, etc.