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Crafters Pick The Ultimate 4 oz

Crafters Pick The Ultimate 4 oz



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Specially formulated to give a flexible water resistant bond to difficult to glue surfaces. Dries fast & clear. For plastics, metals, ceramics, vinyls, glass, painted & varnished surfaces, wood, fabrics, leather paper & more! Replaces toxic glues, cements, & hot glues.

: Why is the glue not drying faster?

A: When glue does not dry it can be a humidity issue or the substrates you are gluing. As long as one of the substrates is porous, the glue should dry in 6-24 hours. Our glue is water based, so the water needs to be able to evaporate so the glue can dry.

Q: My glue has become thick and hard to squeeze out of the bottle?

A: Set your bottle of glue in a bowl of warm water or microwave for a few seconds at a low level. This will help the glue flow better.

Q: Which glues can be washed and/or dry cleaned?

A: The Fabric Glue can be washed in the washing machine. It is a permanent fabric adhesive. Other water based glues will wash out with water. The Basting Glue can be dry cleaned as long as it did not get too hot.

Q: What is the proper way to apply glue?

A: Apply the glue to your surface. Take a card or straight edge object and burnish (flatten) the glue to an even smooth thin layer.