Rulers and Sizers

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Why spend time counting beads by hand. Bead counters are time saving tools that are very simple to use. This set includes 4 different trays,...
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Let the Oracle answer your Beading Questions How many Beads do I need for my beading project What size are my Beads Provides bead size...
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bead sizes from 2mm to 20mm also printed on the ruler number of beads per inch for beads 2 - 10mm
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very handy tool plastic
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Compact and lightweight design. Perfect for travel. Measures items up to 3.25 /80mm. Ideal for beads. Measure by inches and millimeters at the same time.
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"Each link in this cleverly designed ruler measures one inch. Made of durable plastic, it can be laid flat, wrapped around an object, or folded into...
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