WigJig Centaur Light

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the transparent WigJig Centaur is a merger of two styles of jigs just like the Centaur of Greek Mythology is a merger of a man and a horse. The Centaur combines the round hole pattern of the WigJig Cyclops with the square hole pattern of the WigJig Delphi to provide the most capability for designing jewelry of any jig. You can make wire components not possible on any other single jig. The Centaur has smaller pegs and closer hole spacing of the WigJig Cyclops and Delphi so it is excellent for making jewelry wire components that are smaller and more delicate. The WigJig Centaur Lite plastic base is made in China, the pegs are made in Pakistan. The jig is assembled and packaged in the US. Includes 4" square jig with 441 holes, and comes with 10 metal pegs. Super Pegs and Spiral Makers for the WigJig Delphi fit the Centaur. The Centaur can make almost all the jewelry designs that can be made on the WigJig Delphi and almost all the designs that can be made on the WigJig Cyclops. The WigJig® Centaur is patented (US Patent 6,253,798).

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